Unlimited Flexibility. The sophisticated PERFORMER lens system for wrap around glasses with lenses up to +/- 6 dpt.

PERFORMER at a Glance

Fashion glasses, sunglasses or sports eyewear – available as complete glasses or completely individualized with clear, photochromic or mirrored lenses. PERFORMER reliably provides best materials and comprehensive protection for all needs.

Fashion Glasses

For sunglasses with huge lens diameters and curved lenses the design-oriented PERFORMER lenses are definitely the right choice.

Protective Glasses

You put high requirements on the protective function of your glasses? PERFORMER lenses protect from draught, pollen, foreign bodies, UV radiation and glare.

Professional Sports Eyewear

Individual adaptation of the lenses ensures best results when it comes to contrast vision, break resistance, size of the visual field and optimum performance. Not only for ambitious athletes and nature-loving people.

The Premium Class. Resulting from experienced competence and high quality standards.


During the past few years the PERFORMER system of wrap around glasses and lenses with high base curves has been complemented with additional services and accessories and thus has constantly grown and maturated to become a premium product.

With the PERFORMER lens technique and our experience you will be able to create perfect glasses with supreme properties.

Product Range

Our comprehensive product range comprises single vision, progressive and bifocal variants as well as complete glasses lines in the sports and fashion eyewear sector, among them the test winner 2012 in the category “Running Glasses” (FOCUS issue 10/2012) – PERFORMER TTR.


No other eyewear product faces such comprehensive demands. Excellent lens properties and the special optics of curved, laterally tilted lenses make PERFORMER a unique high-tech product.

Being pioneers in this field of ophthalmic optics, we have been gathering valuable experience over many years. State-of-the-art edging devices allow for precise lens manufacturing for all kinds of frames.


Perfect vision to a great extent depends upon the quality of lens finishing. Whether easy-care super-anti-reflective coatings, providing maximum reduction of reflections or sporty and fashionable mirror coatings – with PERFORMER lenses you will always get optimum quality.

Your optician will be pleased to give you advice on PERFORMER lenses in your individual prescription. Simply make use of our comfortable PERFORMER opticians search.

The new Standard for Sports Glasses.

ACTIsun – 11 variants for all tastes.

ACTIsun is the new standard for sports glasses with plane and corrective lenses. Intelligent filter technology, contrast enhancement and photochromic reserve, highest security due to a nearly unbreakable material, minimized dispersion and extremely low weight characterize these uncompromising top lenses. Always based on the best: All ACTIsun lenses are made of TRIVEX®, featuring brilliant imaging properties and highest break-resistance and at the same time very low weight and 100% UV protection.

ACTIsun solid and pola – 7 solid lens tints

ACTIsun solid  is more than just a reliable basis, for it combines the advantages of solid-tint filter lenses with the outstanding ACTIsun material properties. ACTIsun solid is available in brown 85%, grey 85%, grey-green 85% and in blue light-absorbing orange 50%.

ACTIsun pola enhances the filter properties of the carefully engineered sun protection filters in brown 85%, grey 85% and grey-green 85% by selective absorption of reflections by means of a linear polarisation filter.

Photochromic variants – four adaptive filter types.

ACTIsun neutralizer with integrated polarisation filter and outstanding glare protection. Basic tint 70% [60%*], photochromic reserve up to 85% [75%*]. Even when not yet activated, this filter combination provides unique contrast enhancement due to specific neutralisation of glare reflections on horizontal surfaces, e. g. reflecting wet streets or reflections on the car windscreen. Tints in a range of neutral grey guarantee pure colour vision even in special light conditions and can easily be combined with different frame colours.

Basic tint 70%
Photochromic reserve 85%

ACTIsun amplifier with orange-brown filter, basic tint 35% [30%*], photochromic reserve up to 80% [70%*]. ACTIsun amplifier uses blue light absorption to separate informative light from disturbing parts, providing contrast enhancement in very bad light conditions while fully maintaining peripheral vision that is very important for movement coordination.Since ACTIsun amplifier changes – when necessary – to dark brown, it is a versatile filter for all kinds of outdoor sports under capricious conditions.

Basic tint 35%
Photochromic reserve 80%

ACTIsun track s ideally suited for ski slopes and racetracks, on glaciers, on streets or in pedestrian areas, by day and by night. Even in declining light the pale yellow-coloured filter with a basic tint of 20% provides contrast enhancement. ACTIsun track reliably protects from UV radiation and darkens up to 80% [70%*]. It is the perfect choice for motorcyclists, winter sports athletes and partygoers, providing round-the-clock safety.

Basic tint 20%
Photochromic reserve 80%

ACTIsun outdoor is the appropriate lens for all countryside activities. The mid-level tint of 60% [50%*] blackberry reduces the „dark wall effect“ that occurs when in alternating light conditions brightness of light changes quickly. It ensures high-contrast vision when green and brown are the dominating ambient colours. Cyclists, tennis players and golfers all benefit from these features. Protection from bright sunlight is ensured by the photochromic reserve of up to 85% [75%*]. In bright sunlight the lens colour changes to dark brown. 

Basic tint 60%
Photochromic reserve 85%

*For technical reasons ACTIsun prescription lenses are slightly lighter in colour than plano lenses.

ACTIsun digital coat finishing

ACTIsun filter lenses are equipped with the new surface finishing digital coat that provides outstanding performance. ACTIsun digital coat acts as a kind of separator on both sides of the lens. It consistently eliminates the annoying reflections that impair visual acuity, thus enhancing the positive lens properties.
ACTIsun digital coat’s main features are: scratch-resistant sealing, anti-reflective coating and a water-, grease- and dirt-repellent, antistatic coating.
Scratches and other kinds of damages to the optical surface impair visual perception and produce annoying stray light. Digital coat makes lenses simply less sensitive and thus increases their optical stability.
Standard lenses reflect up to 10% of light. Such reflections are very irritating on the back surface of a lens, because they overlay the perceived image with a disturbing haze. Applying a new method, digital coat eliminates more than 99% of unwanted reflections.
Digital coat provides impressive contrast enhancement in whatever light condition. Its oleophobe, superhydrophobe and antistatic sealing ensures a permanently maximum image quality by repelling any smudges and facilitates cleaning.

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